Appeal for Help for Victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda

In the spirit of human solidarity and Christian charity, let us all help the victims of the super-typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda who are still in dire need of food, medicine and shelter.  

Monetary donation is still the most preferred mode of giving.  But if you really want to make donations in kind, and due to many requests, the Chaplaincy for Filipinos in Hong Kong will be accepting goods and material donations.

yolanda_reliefCathay Pacific has kindly pledged to fly our cargo boxes both to Manila and Cebu by Monday 18th of November. Therefore, we receive donations only up to Sunday 17th of November.

Filipino Communities in Parish Churches are instructed to receive your donations. But the two main receiving centers are St. Joseph Church in Garden Road Central and Annunciation Church in Tsuen Wan.

The receiving agencies are Caritas Philippines in Manila and the SVD Justice and Peace commission of San Carlos University in Cebu. Caritas will distribute our donations through the different dioceses and churches in the affected areas.

The SVD will channel the relief through St. Paul Hospital in Tacloban which is the only hospital operating now in Tacloban but quickly running out of supplies.

Collection Centres:
St. Joseph’s Church – 37, Garden Road, Hong Kong
Tel: 2522-3992 (Map)

Annunciation Church – 11, On Yin Street, Tsuen King Circuit, Tsuen Wan, Tel: 2490-5250 (Map)


We appeal for your understanding and consideration to strictly limit your donations only to the following items:

1. FOOD: Meals ready to eat that are not quickly perishable such as baby formula and dried milk, noodles, canned goods, biscuits, coffee, sugar, oatmeals, and the like. No bottled water, please, due to cargo restriction.

2. MEDICINES: Paracetamol, Flu and cough medicines, sterilizing agents, anti-diarrhea tablets, water purifying tablets, orthopedic bandages and gauges, face-mask and similar medical supplies.

3. OTHER USABLE ITEMS: Tents, Mosquito Nets, Towels, flashlights, blankets, ONLY T-shirts, Polo shirts, Pants, Slippers, Rubber Shoes, mobile phones, electric generators, mobile X-ray machine, and other hospital supplies.

STRICTLY NO: other used clothing, toys, school supplies, books, household items, wheelchairs. As per the advise of the receiving helping agencies, these items are not urgent and will only take away precious time in sorting, re-packing, and use up limited cargo loads.

If you bring these items to the receiving centers, our volunteers will have to ask you to take them back.

*Note: those who are bringing large number of material donations, please help our volunteers by bringing us a box as well.

Thank You for your cooperation and understanding.

Fr. Emilio Lim, SVD (Chaplain for Filipinos in HK)
Mobile Phone: +852 9882 4203
Email: [email protected]

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