Bond of Brothers 2015


Baclayon, Ulysis
Briones, Levi
Brotonel, Redge
Cruz, Anthony
Ferraris, Boyet
Flandez, Jay
Gestosani, Francis
Inciong, Ronald
Liu, Ronnie
Manuel, Sonny
Martin, Jojie
Memorial, Renato
Ong, Renny
Payos, Roger
Santos, Ismael
Singh, Erick
Sun, Dong
TL: Sun, Dong
ATL: Brotonel, Redge
Apolinario, Jay
Barraca, Felix
Bautista, Ian
Baylon, Jun
Capalla, Tristan
Chua, Joel
De Guzman, Dickey
Diaz, Ronnie
Lajom, Philip
Laron, George
Madrid, Allan
Mapatac, Ronald
Martin, Rommel
Mercado, Peter
Pastrana Jr, Felimon
Ramiro, Dennis
TL: Baylon, Jun
ATL: Lajom, Philip
Anonuevo, Elmer
Bugayong, Joselito
Caramat, Jun
De Guzman, Joseph
Dizon, Hubert
Enguillo, Ronald
Fesalbon, Tony
Macabutas, Edwin
Ongsioco, Mark Anthony
Pineda, Christopher
Quiambao, Ariel
Roque, Rey
Santos, Billy
Supan, Elmer
Sylva, Ronald
Tan, Mark Francis
TL: Macabutas, Edwin
ATL: Supan, Elmer
Baradas, Jonas
Bas, Roy
Castillo, Joseph
Chavez, Melvin
De Guzman, Jeffrey
Galang, Nomer
Magramo, William
Payos, Iman
Rosal, Elmer
Sanga, Jason
Seneca, Teddy
Soliva, Noel
Unciano, John Philip
Wong, Andy
Yamat, JP
Zantua, Goito
TL: Payos, Iman
ATL: Seneca, Teddy
Abainza, JayR
Barcelona, Zandro
Belleza, Ronald
Bilo, Danny
Caluza, William
Capule, Sonny
Celso, John Eric
Inciong, Rodel
Laca, Choy
Malunda, Jesse
Mandalihan, Manny
Salazar, Egay
Saturino, Tiamzon
Siao, Jason
Unciano, John Perry
Vallezer, Raymond
TL: Mandalihan, Manny
ATL: Siao, Jason

Things to prepare per team:

1. Tent – Can be shared with your own group to save camping space
2. Cookware (pots and kitchen utensils such as knives, scissors, spatulas, tongs, ladle, spoons)

3. 2 Stoves
4. First Aid Kit

Food to bring for Saturday’s Lunch/Dinner and Sunday’s Breakfast (example):
1. Canned goods
2. Bread
3. Water / Drinks
4. BBQ Meat/ fish/ others
5. Cooked Rice (for Lunch and Dinner)
6. 3-in-1 Coffee/ Hot Chocolate/Tea

Things to bring per member:
1. Tents
2. Sleeping Bags
3. Flashlight/ Lantern
4. Jacket/ rain protection
5. Toiletries
6. Towels
7. Extra Clothing
8. Swimwear
9. Off lotion/ insect repellent
10. Blanket/ Matting
11. Pen and paper
12. Rosary
13. Cups/ thermos/ tumblers
14. Medicine/ first aid kit
15. Sunblock lotion
16. Long pants for the mass

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