CFC-FFL Celebrates 28 Years in Hong Kong

The Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life Hong Kong (CFC FFL HK) celebrated its 28th year with a day-long festivities on 20 July 2014 at Sing Yin Secondary School in Choi Hung.

This year’s theme ‘The Gift of Community’ highlighted how the community has been God’s gift to all of us in enriching spiritual growth through inspiring experiences from individuals and families and leading them closer to Christ. That in this community we have found support and an active Christian life for all members of the family.

Participated by 372 community members and invited guests, the event started with the holy rosary led by the Kids for Family and Life members, and celebration of the Holy Eucharist officiated by Fr. Alfredo ‘Don Don’ Rollon, SVD.

Throughout the day, the festive mood reverberated within the venue as Pharrell’s hit song ‘Happy’ was ubiquitous in presentations by Singles for Family and Life (SFL), Kids for Family and Life (KFL) as well as the community servants as they were introduced in a dance number. The event marked the first time that the KFL’s recently-formed music ministry had its maiden presentation — featuring guitars, keyboards and percussion all played by members of the 12-and-under ministry.

The anniversary celebration also featured games, video greetings and testimonials, raffle draws and wacky presentations that evoke jolly ambiance and drew loud cheers from the audience.

Sonny Manuel, Servant Council coordinator, presented a visual emphasized on the growth of the community not only in Hong Kong but also in Greater China; there are active CFC-FFL communities in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Macau, some of whom have joined the celebration. Hong Kong chapter servant Felix Barraca likewise highlighted the upcoming events in the pipeline for the rest of the year, illustrating the continuous programs in line for various ministries.

Noel Soliva, the family ministry servant shared a short pep talk and likened the community to a tree, where members represent branches and leaves that draw nutrients from roots albeit varying levels of growth. And like in the tree we all support each other in the community and it is up to us to grow it, nurture it, and share this with our friends and families. He expressed joy in witnessing personal transformations and small children growing from mere toddlers to becoming future leaders in the community as they take on more active roles in CFC-FFL Hong Kong’s ever-growing community.

Showing solidarity among the community’s various ministries, the closing praise and worship was led — for the first time — by representatives of every CFC-FFL ministry and culminated with Enzo Fesalbon from KFL encouraging the Titos and Titas to join him in worship. It was indeed an exciting end to a big family and community celebration.

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