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SFL Amazing Race Season 2
21 October 2015
Start: 10am – CFC FFL Hong Kong Home Office
End: 3pm – CFC FFL Hong Kong Home Office


Janet Haganus
Fresie Lupos
Perry Unciano
Venus Basiga

Rita Banilad
Gemma Abad
John Eric Celso
Melissa Deocadez

Joy Paniza
Charm Joy Mascardo
Pinky Valera
Rhea Guay
Jan Philip Unciano
Denise Catalla
Nika Moraleja
Daisy Cobol
Arvin Taruc
Cristine Magna

Mariz Morales
Ruby Tero
May Gannaban
Eden Mabini

Bernadith Aradillos
Via Abalora
Marissa Atienza
Sherill Sasil
BJ Santos
Josie Pabia
Edam Pescasio
Leezel Granado
Rechel Bag-o


P0: Start the day right with positive energy and literally from an energy bar. Head to Tsuen Wan Park, meet a stranger and group will take a photo with him/her. But before you do it, secure one yellow Toblerone chocolate bar and show it with him/her in the photo, send to Viber and wait for “Done” reply. Share the chocolate with the group and wait for next instruction.

P1: Today, Hong Kong celebrates Chung Yeung festival, it is believed going to high places will bring good luck. To get your share of luck, take a group photo at Nina Tower sky lobby at 41/F including “53 > 61” appearing in background and share to Whatsapp. Wait for “Done” reply when approved.

P2: In October 21, 1965 started the history of Disney Resort Orlando, USA. Forty years later, in 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland was opened. To celebrate today’s holiday with your group mates, take a whole body souvenir photo — ask someone else to take it for you — in front of entrance with “Hong Kong Disneyland” visible. Post this, check in at Facebook and attract at least 21 likes.

P3: Tung Chung is translated in Chinese as Eastern Stream and in the past used as major defense stronghold against pirates in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are also several members of CFCFFL HK community based here.

Group members take group photo in Tung Chung with husband and wife member couples of CFC FFL HK community. One couple per group only. Post photo on Facebook, tag each member and use #SFLAmazingRace2015 hashtag. Upon reaching 21 likes send whatsapp message “CFC FFL Couple Photo Done” before proceeding and wait for “Done” reply when approved.

P4: Inspiration Lake was built as part of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and a dual-purpose project for recreation and an irrigation reservoir.

Go there and take jump shot in front of giant fountain with the group and check in and share on Facebook. Also send Whatsapp photo message with “Inspiration Lake” as caption and wait for “Done” reply when approved.

P5: Question: Which movie can you see the following “October 21, 2015 7:28”

A: 2001 A Space Odyssey
B: Aliens
C: The Terminator
D: Gattaca
E: Mad Max
F: Back to the Future

Send your reply to Whatsapp.

A to E: Take 21 one HK dollar coins and form the number “21”, send to Viber and wait for next instruction.
F: You got it right! Wait for the next instruction.

P6: This MTR station is literally translated as Grand Nestmouth and the first underground station in New Territories. Go there and find the exit which leads to a road whose name shares the same 3-letter acronym as saving life during first aid. Upon arrival, take selfie photo of team with MTR exit as background and activate Viber location.

P7: Panda Hotel is the largest hotel in Tsuen Wan District. Go to the lobby and group takes a selfie, and send to Whatsapp along with the answer to question “How many rooms does Panda Hotel have?”

Wait for “Done” reply when approved.

P8 Detour:  A Detour is a task team members choose to do.

A: This store selling cadavers or skeletons? Only in your dreams! Instead they sell soap, scrubs, lotions and creams. Take a photo of logo of this shop with your team leader, send through Whatsapp and you are done! [Body Shop]

B: There are over 100 different types of one item available at his shop from itty-bitey to full size. Bring back a little bag from this shop. BEWARE: The aroma may tempt you to buy. Hint: Near an MTR station! Take a photo of logo of this shop with your team leader, send through Whatsapp and you are done! [Mrs Fields]

C: Here you’ll find a court, statues of people and give your money away for something. There are a few in Tsuen Wan but go to one whose name indicates walking in the city. Take a photo of logo of this shop with your team leader, send through Whatsapp and you are done! [Citywalk]

P9 Roadblock: A Roadblock is a task that only one team member may perform:

Tsuen Wan is where we find a large number of CFC FFL members in Hong Kong. A chosen member has to take a photo with (choose):

a. An active couple (husband and wife) member of CFC FFL HK
b. Three active YFL members of CFC FFL HK
c. Three active KFL members of CFC FFL HK

Couples/YFL/KFL group is exclusive to one group only. Post photo at Facebook and tag everyone in the photo with FB account and get 21 likes. Upon reaching desired number of likes, send Whatsapp message “Community” as caption and wait for “Done” reply when approved.

P10. By this time, everyone is hungry. Don’t worry we have food, but maybe not enough to fill our tummy. Groups will go and buy:

  1. Fried chicken – equivalent to one piece per group member
  2. Fruit – worth HK$15 or more of any variety
  3. Drink – large water or softdrink bottle

The first group to arrive at Home Office with complete items (a, b and c) could win the Amazing Race.

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