Tseung Kwan O Children’s Rosary Rally

There are a lot about the Catholic practice and tradition that we take for granted because it is ever present – ever available. For those who managed to have an education in a convent or attend a Catholic school, praying the Holy Rosary is as ordinary as the light of day.

For many children surrounded by families who steadfastly embrace the Catholic faith, praying the Rosary has always been part of the evening family rituals. But what about the children born and raised overseas in a non-Catholic environment? What about kids who are educated in secular schools and whose closest encounter with the mysteries and miracles of praying the rosary is on Sundays at Church or at home when they see some adults do their private devotions? How do they get to know about the gifts and grace that praying it imparts?

The Children’s Rosary Rally in Tseung Kwan O was a simple event devoid of any fun-fare but nevertheless will long be remembered. It was the first time for my son Justin to pray the Rosary with his friends and have an idea what role it plays in letting his faith grows.

Photo credit: Zandro Barcelona

He identified himself seamlessly to the children who saw the Lady of Fatima long years ago. That night, he asked why should it be Mother Mary who appeared? Why not St Joseph? Would he have ran out if he saw the Mother alone? Would he have frozen and not be able to listen to what she said? What made them spread the message to the other people in the village?

I did not have any answer for these. They were questions children pure and innocent could bravely ask in the open. As it turned out this Children’s Rosary Rally is actually a rally to enliven faith of ALL through by allowing us to see God and his Love through the eyes of our children.

I would like to think that having the celebration days after Feast of St Therese (The little One) is perfect and providential. We are reminded to pray and persevere in the simplest way possible like a child, like the 3 children who endeared themselves to Our loving Father with the guidance of Mary. Her ways are simple, her message clear and uncomplicated.

This is what Justin wrote in his reflection “When I first used the rosary I thought it was tiring to pray it. You have to say the prayers 3 rounds and the Hail Mary’s 10 times each. But I think praying the rosary is wonderful because it reminds us of the Lady of Fatima whose only want is for the children to tell everyone to always pray!”

by Jingle & Justin Chua

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